Adiós, old friend!

I met you in a dark alley where I naively assumed that the darkness hid my face from you. I wondered aloud and lay myself bare in the shimmering moonlight. Before the truth dawned upon me, too much blood had been spilled. I wriggled in pain as you tore me open. You could have let me go as I begged you to but you chose instead to stick around like a flea. Over days and months, you feasted on my insecurities and guilt as you dragged me into your cove of simulated intimacy. I treaded with caution. I watched every step I took and pleaded you to show me my reflection in your mirror. You were gracious and kind as you read my face out aloud. I cringed at the thought of being the person you said I have been. I wished you were wrong but you always knew better. I surrendered my humble sense of identity to the tawdry unwavering sophistication of your convoluted reality. Not that I never suspected your virtues, not that I never questioned your ideals.

I grew weaker and vulnerable with every passing day until today when I cut it off. Within moments, the sky has cleared and I’m bathing in sunlight. All it took was a simple breaking of the cord that bound us. Quick, clean and simple. Adios, old friend! Adiós!


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