Having watched a documentary on Darwin, I feel strangely relieved. Apparently, life is purposeless. To elaborate this further, the theory purports that life is not evolving towards a particular goal. The beautifully ingenious biodiversity we are a part of has been designed, contrary to popular belief, not by an intellectual being, but by gradual evolution from comparatively plaintive unicellular organisms. Although I had read about it back in school, this time I viewed the idea from a whole new perspective – that of an aimless wanderer.

Unlike some of my fellow mates who have, by intriguing means, always been aware of their goals, I have always been a rather aimless dabbler. Questions such as the purpose of my existence, the ultimate aim of my life have always baffled me and I’ve never come closer to understanding the need to answer those. Perhaps, that is why the idea of a purposeless evolution is so consoling.

Not only is it consoling, it’s also quite compelling. Besides relieving us of the burden of the guilt for living a purposeless life, it also provides us with a better way of looking at it. Perhaps, life is meant to be lived in the present, by shunning our emphasis on a life full of concerns, by indulging in all that is beautiful. Perhaps, indulgence isn’t such a bad thing.

If indeed there’s an intelligent creator out there, He might be chuckling in delight at the mess we’ve led ourselves into, while we could simply have lived, embracing the chaos in awe, admiration and in glee.


2 thoughts on “Chaos

  1. Congrats on the article. But I don’t agree on some points. Yes life is chaotic, but if you think about the movement of electrons in an atom, it is random, chaotic, but we don’t look chaotic. Every morning our look is quite the same.
    But lets consider that life is just about living the present. The day will come when the present ends. You were and, next moment, you are not anymore. Here I should say that I see life in anything that is able to interact with what is around it. As nobody as returned from death to tell us how it is, I assume that for me life ends ‘cos I don’t see it moving, my conciousness dies. But I can keep alive, or at least part of me, from life’s point of view, if I continue to change others. It is a bit selfish to think in that way, but I like to see it as assuming that life is a one shot oportunity to live an adventure, to explore conciousness, that precious thing that, since i can remember, allways has intrigued me. And I think that we should share the discoveries that we do in life.
    I agree that we shouldn’t live a life of worries, we should live to explore the full capabilities of human conciousness.
    The past tells us who we are and future is an abstraction of what we will become, based on the relation of past memories with more recent ones, is pushing thru present. Present is the moment when we sum what we find out to what we already know.

    All this probably makes no sense at all and is just fooling around, but as one portuguese prince once said: in search for eternal life – someting that doesn’t exist – important discoveries were made; in name of honour – something made up by man – mankind has done great things.

  2. Just what I was searching. Same here: aimless wanderer not understanding the need to answer the question of purpose. However oppressed by the inadequacy of not understanding that need. Chaos was the exact space I reached this morning — embracing and staying with it. Your post and the sketch (?) made my day, perhaps my life. Hugs to the stranger author

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